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Long Object UFO Sighting from Pine Bluff, Arkansas July 2007

What I saw in the field in Pine Bluff in 2007 changed my mind about the extraterrestrial world forever. I just couldn't find a logical explanation for my experience that day. I was bicycling on Orborn Road. It was a clear sunny day, perfect for a bike ride in the evening. The road was empty, and I was just enjoying the day.
As I stopped for a drink, I saw a silver pencil shaped object in the sky about 500 yards north of where I was. My first thought was an plane, but as I looked at it,
    its flight was extremely slow and almost not moving. I kept looking as I wasn't in a hurry.
The object flashed this red light very rapidly. It did that for about
10 seconds and then stopped. The weird thing is that it didn't move forward like a plane would, but vertically upwards until I couldn't see it any more. It disappeared into the sky, just like that. This happened in July of 2007.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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