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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Ione, Oregon June 2009

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While on Heppner HWY, my friend and I spotted a ball of bright blue light on top of an old building, not sure if the building was abandoned or not. The light was hovering on top then shot out smaller balls of red light. There was no sound that we could hear (we had our window down because it was summer time. )
Those could not have been fireworks because there was no sound and we were quite near the building. There was no smell of any burning gunpowder from any possible fireworks
The smaller balls of light were circling the big blue light. This lasted for only about two or three minutes. Then they all flew away into different
directions. My friend and I were amazed at what we saw.
Has anyone experienced this or has any info that might lead to any logical explanation to this event. This happened in June 2009 on a Saturday night at around 8:30 pm (Sorry I don't remember the exact date.)

    - Posted by Anonymous


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