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V Shape UFO Sighting from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania May 2014

I live near Italian Park in Harrisburg. I couldn't believe what I saw one night by the park. It was quite late around midnight. My brother and I were just sitting out there having a great time talking and making fun of each other. Then we both saw this extremely bright object swoosh by in the sky.
There was no sound, just bright light and strong wind. We looked up and saw a huge V of lights. We didn't know what to think, and I have to admit being a bit frightened.
My brother took
    out his phone to record the incident, but somehow his cell went dead even though we were just using it for light earlier. The lights changed from light blue to
orange and abruptly sped off into the horizon. Believe whatever you think, but this is an event we will never forget.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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