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Lights UFO Sighting from Burlington, Iowa 2011

My daughter and I would lay on out on our deck at night and count the satellites go by, we had been out there for a few hours when out of nowhere this bright light appears over us and then moved to our left and disappeared. We just looked at each other in shock. (2011)

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A group of kids sometime in 1978 was playing on a neighborhood playground probably between 7 and 8 pm. We watched a blinking light flash from one ''end'' of the sky to another in the time that it took for the light to ''blink.'' We watched it for 10 minutes. I tried to get my dad to see it, but he was reading a newspaper and informed me that it was a ''weather balloon.'' The next day my dad informed me that us kids ''had seen something.'' He was the elected sheriff back then, and his dispatch center was inundated with calls from concerned citizens regarding this unusual light. I believe there was some media attention given to the event, but as of yet I am unable to locate anything on the incident.


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