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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Salem, Oregon December 17 2013

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South Salem School. Right at 3way stop side of the height school. Black craft right over the tree top. You can throw a rock and hit it, that's how close this craft was, big as a big yellow school bus, maybe little bigger. Color was black as night with red /white strobing light in back. We saw it float by like a balloon hovering silently. My father was saying to me dad look at the windows. My eye was fixed on the lights. We had our moonroof open with a good view of the craft. The
    night was crispy clear. You could hear static in the air, radio got static, we felt the electricity in the air.

Was the strangest weirdest feeling. ... We
observed this craft for about 5min. Saw this craft just float on by very soft like so slow.

This event opened my eyes. There's a lot of strange objects and lights in are night sky. Don't know if it's us or them ?
Only thing I do know is people need to start looking up.
12-17-2013 Salem Ore. About. 7:50pm

    - Posted by Anonymous

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