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Very Large Object UFO Sighting from Eugene, Oregon 2013

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One evening during the extended daylight months, I was returning to the Eugene area from Junction City on River Road with no traffic in my lane to the front or rear. On the opposite side, approaching vehicles were in the far distance. Off to my right and ahead of me was what looked like a very large aircraft moving south to north at least a couple of miles north of the Eugene Airport site. I was moving about 50 mph but the craft seemed to be oncoming very slowly to the point
    of being nearly motionless.

It appeared to be completely illuminated on the underwing side with no specific source of light. As I neared it I first noticed
it had no nose area and no rudder surfaces visible. In fact, it had no fuselage at all, but rather was a single wing craft of enormous size, larger than a 747. Since it was flying at low altitude I had no problem seeing this. The oncoming traffic would probably not notice this thing up and above them as it made no sound whatsoever (I like to open windows even at speed).

I watched as it passed above my windshield, but could not turn my head due to road conditions. There was
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