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Lights UFO Sighting from Manchester, New Hampshire 2005

This all happened at Massabesic Lake back in 2005. I was at the lake with a few friends at night when all of a sudden there was a strange set of lights in the sky. Some were solid and some were blinking. Some were white and some were colored, green and red mostly and a few blue ones. The lights were all moving slowly across the sky together so we all assumed it was some type of solid object with all these lights attached to it rather than a bunch of separate objects.
    thing with the lights made no sound at all. It was a quiet night so we would have heard any sound coming out of it unless it was a really quiet sound of course.
I've been wondering what that thing was ever since I saw it. Was it a UFO or was it some kind of top secret military thing?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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