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Disc UFO Sighting from Ventura, California November 2011

One night in August almost 4 years ago, we saw a really weird thing over the ocean. We just finished our shopping at the Ventura Harbor Village. We were tried, so we thought we would just sit in the car and finish our ice cream before we would head home. We parked over looking the beach.
As we were enjoying the sun setting, my sister told me to look at something flying over the ocean. It looked like a flying saucer with red lights. From where we were it looked like it was
    maybe 150 feet from the water surface. There were several people on the beach, but we didn't hear surprise cry or yell.
My sister took her cell phone out and
recorded it, but the quality is quite bad, we can't really make it out what it was when looking at it later. Please, if anyone else was there then, please share your insight.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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