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Abduction UFO Sighting from Jackson, Michigan 1975

As a child I was abducted by aliens on an ongoing basis from about age 7 to 12. I didn't know this was going on at all, it was my mother who told me years later. She didn't want to scare me so she decided not to tell me. The first time she witnessed this happening to me she had woken up to strange sounds from my room. She went in to check and all she could remember was silhouettes of creatures around my bed and then a bright light and later she woke up on the floor and I was sound
    asleep in my bed.
She knew right away what was happening and she tried to contact some people to figure out what to do about it but found no help.
occurrences happened repeatedly until I was 12 when it stopped happening. I'm glad she didn't tell me until later, would have ruined my childhood for sure.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Maybe both of you were abducted.
    - comment by Jessica


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