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Cluster Of Lights UFO Sighting from West Covina, California July 2007

This happened a long while ago in the summer of 2007. My family and I were having a great picnic over at Galster Wilderness Park. This is something we couldn't believe could actually happen in broad daylight. There were five of us, my brothers and two cousins, who went for a walk on the trail nearby. We were just looking around and talking. Then my younger brother notice a cluster of lights over at the top of the trees southwest of the park.
If I remember correctly the lights
    were green and red. We first though someone was probably enjoying their RC toy, but as we ventured down towards where the lights were hovering, we found that there
were no trail or path for anyone to get through. We didn't hear any buzzing sound RC toys usually make.
We were looking at this light for maybe 5 minutes before they all circling upwards and gone into the sky. We came back out and told other family members, but no one took us seriously, but we know what we saw.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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