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Electronic Interference UFO Sighting from Fort Irwin, California 1993

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I'm glad my wife and I were not the only ones. I was on active duty 1993-1996 with 2/11 ACR OPFOR Infantry. After basic my wife and I went straight to Ft. Irwin when we got post housing we lived on Ardennes not too far on the west side of the heli pad if that's all still there. I'm starting to write our experiences on what happened there. I have three I witnessed firsthand, and my wife has more, but these are the ones I cannot explain.

My most memorable events

The information
    above can show cause of the paranormal experiences. There is also more information in the research notes so to try to keep the focus mainly on our experiences in

I have three main experiences that I had witnessed firsthand along with my wife as a witness. I will insert pictures of the area where the activity occurred and have no way to debunk them. Also my wife will have her input too, due to the fact I spent a considerable amount of time in the field.


One of the most memorable unexplained incidents that happened was while in our post house apartment. I was in our living room; at
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