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Electronic Interference UFO Sighting from Fort Irwin, California 1993

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  that time we were experiencing the Santa Anna winds that were constant and strong enough to do roof damage. As I said, I was in the front room just watching TV when our front room window that was facing to the west suddenly slid open. The window was a very large window and slid to the left just like a sliding glass door. This window is heavy and always took two hands and some strength to open it. When it slid open a huge gust of wind came in that was so strong that it blew papers
    and things all over almost as in tornado style circulation and stopped abruptly. To this day I can't explain it or debunk it.


I was taking a nap on the couch after returning from the field. I had been out for about two weeks and was tired. I was not watching TV or listing to the radio on our entertainment system. I was abruptly woken up to the radio on full blast that was in front of me. It was fully turned up and was all static. Yes, it startled me, and I quickly turned it off. I was home alone at the time because my wife was at work, and my son was at the babysitter's.

To debunk
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