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Circular Object UFO Sighting from Hinesville, Georgia 2013

Well one day I wanted to stay out late with my friends. We were wanting to go to the store we always walked because we lived right beside it. So it was either on the way back from the store or the way to the store it was me my friend and two other girls.
We saw a circle airplane but we know airplanes aren't circular and we also saw green blue red lights inside the air on the ''airplane''.
My friend said that she think it was an alien ship but we would never know. One of
    my friends tried to take a picture but all we got was a picture of the sky because the alien airplane ship moved so fast.
One day I will see and try to find
out. I don't know what to believe because the army and navy and marines keep so many secrets away from the world, little do they know they are putting our lives in danger .

    - Posted by Uknown

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