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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Dearborn, Michigan 2015

I was taking a night stroll with my girlfriend on Riverside Drive. On the other side of the street is a big cemetery. It was around 8:30 at night. As we were just talking, my girlfriend notice a very bright light swish by in the sky above the cemetery area. I didn't see anything, so I told her that it was probably a shooting star. We kept walking and talking, and then we both saw a shining round object flying from the cemetery area.
It was round like a ball and was emitting
    orange blue light. It was standing still and after 2 or 3 seconds moved abruptly from left to right. We saw it do this movement for maybe half a minute before it
took off into the sky above. We till this day don't really know what it is. We live in the area, but we have never seen this or heard of anyone experiencing this type of object before.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I saw a blue ball of light. A little smaller than a full moon. It would stop. Then shoot up stop down stop then way east stop then west. And after about 30 seconds disappeared. No sound. Sounds so much like what you saw.
Spotted over west side of Zeeland, MI. October 18/2014. Week of blood moon.


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