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Lights UFO Sighting from Scranton, Pennsylvania July 20 2015

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My wife and I hiked up on Coon Hill last week and we spent the night there in sleeping bags. At night before we were about to go to sleep we were looking at the stars and talking. Suddenly this bright light appears right above us out of nowhere. Like a spotlight shining straight down at us.
My first though was that it was some kind of police helicopter that had spotted us since I think you're not actually allowed to camp where we did. But right away I realized that it wasn't
    since there was no sound coming from it, plus I doubt they would send choppers to enforce camping regulations, sometimes the ranger catches us and we get a warning
or a small fine, no biggie.
Well anyway, my wife freaked out and hid in her sleeping bag. I was trying to block the light with my hand to see what it could be. I couldn't see anything except the light but it seemed to be a small light about 50 feet up in the air.
Suddenly the light went out and I couldn't see a thing, my pupils were widened by the light and all I saw now was darkness. There was a hissing sound right when the light went out that started low but go even lower like
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