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Long Object UFO Sighting from Battle Creek, Michigan 2008

We visit Fell Park very often since we live very close. One night in the fall of 2008 my husband and I went for a evening walk at the park. There we saw something that looked like a UFO. It was a silver pencil shape object hovering right on top of the trees in the park. It was spitting out small balls of lights which were orange. The pencil shape object wasn't moving at all, but the balls of lights went into different directions.
At first we thought someone was playing with fireworks,
    but we didn't hear any explosive sound usually accompanying fireworks. After about five minutes this UFO sped off into the horizon. We talked to some people about
our experience, and none of them has heard anything like this. I feel like we were crazy, but that was what we saw.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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