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Disc UFO Sighting from El Monte, California August 13 2015

I saw a disc shaped object in the sky two nights ago. It was moving fast and by the time I got my phone ready to take a picture it was already far away. You can still see it but I wish I would have had the phone ready to shoot at the right time. You can still make out the shape if you look close. The object was very quiet for such a large moving thing, you'd expect a loud sound but there was nothing like that.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Although it is a very fuzzy and blurry picture it does show the shape of the UFO well. Have you submitted it to any UFO scientists for analysis?

I live here in el Monte, and strange things in the sky like the one you have captured is not unusual. I have seen many actually. I believe they are from out there checking us out. Next time I see one I will surely take a picture and share.
    - comment by Wendy


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Submitted by: anonymous

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