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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Farmington, Michigan August 21 2015

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This is what I saw in the sky Aug 21 21 2:45 am. Woke up to a bright light coming in through the window. I thought it was burglars so I grabbed my phone to call the police. I looked out the window and saw this big bright thing in the sky behind my house. I took this picture and then it floated away, slowly at first and then it sped up and went away fast. It was about the size of a small car.
In the picture you can see these red flower petal looking lights emerging; I didn't
    see those when I looked up at the thing. I don't know if that's some kind of optical thing with my phonecamera or if I just didn't notice them in all the excitement.

- Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

Those aliens might have been in your house. You should lock your doors and windows in case they come back.

I believe you. A friend of mine and her husband had the same thing happen. They had just gone to bed. It was seen through their bedroom window. It was so bright it shown through the curtains and temporarily blinded them even though it was like about a few second flash.
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Submitted by: anonymous

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