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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Lima, Ohio 2005

This is a picture I took 10 years ago of two strange objects that I saw in the sky one night in 2005. They appeared almost out of nowhere really fast and were sitting still for just a few seconds. Then they sped off again just as fast as they came in. It was a freak coincidence that I had my camera with me and this was before phones had decent cameras.
I've shown the picture to friends but have never posted it until now. There was no mention in any media or sites about this
    UFO and I always assumed it must have been something explainable, but it's been 10 years now and I've shown the picture to many people and nobody has a good explanation.
would like to hear from anyone who has a good explanation for what this is. Thanks.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

I also had a picture that I took of my sons at night a couple of months back. We got strange lights like these too. I have never realized they could have been from UFOs.

Me too I have seen lights similar to the one you posted. Sorry I don't have any pictures to prove. My friend and I were out one night and we saw two light moving really fast. They were flying together with very little distance apart.
We saw these in September last year 2014 and have not seen them again though.


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Submitted by: anonymous

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