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Abduction UFO Sighting from Westminster, California April 18 1986

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I had just turned 9 years old when this happened. A week had passed since my 9th birthday. April 18th 1986 was the exact date. I've kept the memory all these years. I am 38 now, but it feels as if this all happened yesterday.
I was sitting in the field behind my house, picking flowers and ripping them to pieces. It was around 11 at night. I couldn't sleep. When I couldn't sleep, I would sneak out to the field. It had become something like a tradition for me.
I had been
    doing it since I was 6. I heard a weird beeping noise from a distance behind me, so being the curious kid I was, I went to check it out. I saw a weird mound of
bright white light coming from far away in the field.

Once I got about 15 yards away from it, it started to pull me in. I fell into a zombie-like trance. I felt like I was a robot, and my body was moving without me telling it to. I didn't know what was happening and I tried to resist.
I didn't want to keep walking, I used every bit of the strength I had to turn around, but I kept walking. I got closer and closer to it and I wanted to run away and hide, but I also wanted to
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