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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Laurel, Maryland April 2015

My cousin lives on Carissa lane, and I visit her often. One time last year I came by to drop her some stuff, and she had a friend over. They were in the back yard talking. It was around 9:00 pm we saw a ball of light speeding across the sky.
I told my little niece to make a wish, thinking it was a shooting star. Then there were three more speed across the sky but in opposite directions. Then there was an object with flashing orange lights that was hovering over by this big field
    to the east of my cousin's place (lots of trucks parked there). This strange object was there for maybe a minute or two before it shot up into the sky, and we couldn't
see it anymore. That was the first and last my cousin, her friend, and I saw these weird lights.

So far we have never seen them again, but we always look up in the sky every time we are out in the yard at night. Happened April 2015.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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