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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Vero Beach, Florida May 2011

I lived in Indian Rover Apartments for three years in Vero Beach and moved out in may of 2011. I lived in one of those apartments facing 12th Manor. One night as I was coming back from work I saw a small ball of light emerging from the small pond in the front at the entrance of the complex.
I didn't think much of it at all. Then after I parked my car I saw this metallic object with a shape of a small flat light bulb with red light flashing. It was heading towards to lagoon.
    It moved very slowly at first.
Then it started to moved fast and erratic. I called out my wife, and she said the neighbor told her she had seen this too, but
she didn't think anything much of it. Has anyone else seen this?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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