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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Mexico City, Mexico September 10 2015

My friends and I saw this UFO on September 10 at night. I took this picture with my telephone and you can see it well. It is a bright red oval shape. It was moving around like crazy; up down left right? and then it stopped for a few seconds. That was the moment that I took the picture you see here. Then it started moving all crazy again and then it flew away very fast after a short time.
My friend was taking video of it but it didn't come out well. There was not enough light
    for good video. It's a big city and somebody else maybe succeeded in making a video of it I hope.

    - Posted by Miguel Gonzales

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This is very similar to many other recent sightings. If you look around this site and other sites you will find that many people have seen things just like you describe. Some with photo evidence.


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Submitted by: Miguel Gonzales

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