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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Westland, Michigan September 08 2015

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This object whatever it was, was flying across the sky last week. I saw it from my front yard and that's where I took these pictures from. I inserted zoomed in pictures of the UFO below the big picture so you can see the detail better.
This all happened in broad daylight and this thing was not moving like anything normal. It would jump from one place to another as fast as a lighting bolt. Then it would move around slowly in different directions for a few seconds then it would
    make another lightning bolt jump to another place and continue it's slow movements and then jump again and so on...
I counted a total of 17 jumps but I might
have lost track, could have been more. Then after the 17th jump it made a jump so far it went beyond the neighborhood buildings and I couldn't see it any more. I ran down the street to the corner thinking maybe I can see it from there but it was gone.
There is no way that thing was any kind of bird or drone or anything like that; the jumps were just too fast, faster than supersonic planes.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Submitted by: anonymous

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