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Lights UFO Sighting from Stonington, Connecticut September 06 2015

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Last September 6, a Sunday night, I arrived home near midnight. As I walked towards the house, I glanced up at the stars towards Mystic and did a double take. There were several that were extremely bright on the horizon and they were the wrong color. I then noticed they were moving.
There were so many I began to watch them and noticed they were getting closer, single file, in a line, like nothing I had ever seen before. I grabbed my phone and started videoing it. As they got
    closer and brighter I would describe them as glowing single balls, unlike aircraft not blinking, and seemed to weave a little back and forth as they came towards
I ran into the house and woke up my wife and she came out and watched them with me as they filed slowly overhead, one after the other. All together it was about 5 minutes or so in length I would guess. Altitude guess? 3-5 thousand feet. Nowhere near the altitude of an airliner at 20K for example.

Just after they went over, we heard a plane approach from the south. It soon appeared with flashing lights out on the tips of its wings and a flashing belly light. I could
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Submitted by: Dean Bowen

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