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Disc UFO Sighting from Annapolis, Maryland 2012

I visited Annapolis in 2012 and was staying at a friend's place on Market Street by the bay. It was such a beautiful area. She had this beautiful bay view window, so we could enjoy the view as we were having dinner.
As my friend was preparing desert I was enjoying the view. That was when I saw something hovering on top of the buildings across the water. It looked like a rotating disc. It couldn't have been a plane because it wasn't moving.
It was just rotating, and it's lights
    on it's rim were flashing. I called out to my friend to come check it out. As soon as she got to where I was standing, the object shot up. My friend saw it too,
but she saw it as something shooting upwards, so she said it was probably a shooting star.

However, I know it was not because it was hovering and spinning before it went away. Next time I come visit, I'll keep looking for it.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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