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Disc UFO Sighting from Bothell, Washington September 24 2015

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I took this picture of a glowing disc from my window last night at 3 am. I couldn't sleep well and noticed a light coming in through the window. I looked out and saw the glowing disc in the sky. I grabbed my phone and took this picture. A second later it flew away, I was very lucky to have taken this picture, one second later and it was gone.
I searched online for info on this and saw on this site that there have been similar objects seen from all over the place quite recently.
    Some seem less oval and more kidney shaped and one of them was red instead of white. Are they all the same just changing shape and color? Well I don't know but
it sure is intriguing.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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I saw the same thing. I was going home after my daughters basketball game at the boys and girls club on 196th St. The time would be around 8-9 pm. The four of us were in the car (wife myself daughter age 9 at the time and my son age 12) we all saw it in the parking lot first it was a bright yellow-white-reddish color coming from the northeast (like if you were looking towards millcreek) we got in the car, and were driving home all of us laughing about it thinking ''we just saw a UFO'' and when we turned right at the main road we saw it again we were all looking out the windows of the car as I was following it back towards my house.
We got home ( the time frame would be 3-4 minuets from the time we first saw it) we got out and stood in our front yard in disbelief. The light was just over the tree tops and was going southwest towards Seattle.
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Submitted by: anonymous

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