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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Bowling Green, Kentucky September 28 2015

It's 3 am as I post this photo I took no less than an hour ago. I went out for a late night stroll and noticed this bright red oval object slowly crossing the sky. I took this picture with my phone and looked at the object for as long as I could before it was out of sight.
When I got home I started googling about this and found this site that seems to have similar sightings and pictures. I'm very happy to contribute with my picture. I'll keep checking back for comments.

    - Posted by Mike

Comments and Replies:

I live here in Bowling Green and have always been interested in UFO sighting. I have seen a flying ball of light like this once two years ago. It was moving very fast, way faster than a regular airplane. I live near the Indian Hills Country Club. Where did you see this?

This is the same color of three lights I saw from my bathroom window in Sanford, Maine. I did not feel well and had to go to the bathroom sometime around 0430. I looked out the window and noticed three lights that looked just like this. I didn't think anything of it until I saw the lights from fast moving jets with afterburners on an intercept course.
It was cold and clear out as it was November in 2012. I was looking in a NNE direction. One by one the lights ascended until they could not be seen and the 02 chase planes could clearly be seen breaking off and circling. I wouldn't have thought much about it except I noticed the jets intercepting the lights. It was so clear that you could make out the port and starboard lights on the jets. .
    - comment by Scott


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Submitted by: Mike

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