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Round Object UFO Sighting from Rolette, North Dakota August 30 2015

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I was up late about 1:30 August 30 2015, could hear my dog scratching frantically at the door so I let him in and could see this huge round orange reddish glow behind the tree line in the southeast corner of the field. I stood there staring at it for a while; I thought is that the moon? No can't be the moon, it rises in the east.
Being a little confused about what I'm looking at I woke up my husband telling him something is in the field I want you look so I can say you saw it
    too. We stood by the door and stared for about 10 minutes and it didn't move, and you could hear your self breathe because it was so quite and still.
I asked
is that the moon or what. My husband said lets check it out so we got our shoes on and had a spot light. We walked out on to the porch and it was gone. It was so dark outside, never seen that kind of darkness and I've been living in this area for 17 years. Didn't have the courage to go look at the area where it was but from my front porch the trees in that area have no leaves.

    - Posted by Jj
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