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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Lorman, Mississippi 1964

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  of sight.
The mother ship continued slowly moving towards the horizon until it was out of sight. Needless to say we were speechless and back then there wasn't even a phone for us to call anyone. I remember my aunt driving up right afterward and we told her what we saw.

I don't remember much about that night or the next day until we got home and told our father about it. My mom was so affected that she scheduled an appointment with our preacher. We had a special dinner
    at his house where he read passages from the Bible where sightings of unusual things were seen.
I think it eased my mother's mind. But it confused me so that
I started trying to find out as much as I could about UFOs. There were some interesting books about dual planets and star children.
Of course I have been a true believer ever since. A few months later I found a small strange little object implanted in my leg. Perhaps a tracking device?? We have never figured out what it was we saw.
We just know we saw an unidentified object that flew!!!!
1964 outside Lorman, Mississippi.

    - Posted by Christy

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Have you ever seen anything like that ever since then?


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