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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Sao Paulo, Brazil October 07 2015

In the evening yesterday I went out to eat with my husband at a restaurant near our house. On our way there we saw this very bright thing moving slowly in the sky above the street. I told my husband that that is not a helicopter, it looks very different. We have many helicopters here in Sao Paulo and we all know what they look like and this was not one.
I took a picture of it and then it disappeared without any sign at all. There were other people on the street that saw it
    too. Some of them were afraid but my husband and me were not afraid at all. I have seen scary things and this was not very scary.

    - Posted
by Leila

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Back when I was in college one of my friends was Brazilian. She always told us of her experience as a young child seeing strange moving object flying in the Brazilian sky. I always believe her. She said they often appeared very late at night and moved so slowly and sometimes jerkily unlike helicopters or airplanes.


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Submitted by: Leila

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