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Disc UFO Sighting from Saint Joseph, Missouri October 09 2015

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This object appeared in the sky the other day when I was fishing just a few miles south of Saint Joseph, Missouri. It was broad daylight but the picture came out dark because of my phone's auto exposure settings. It was a lot brighter in reality.
I didn't notice it appearing I just noticed I had two shadows. I looked up and saw this thing that was almost as bright as the sun. I couldn't tell how big it was just that it took up about half as much of the sky as the sun.
I grabbed
    my phone and took this picture and then I called my wife to tell her what was going on. As I was talking to my wife the thing in the sky started growing smaller
and smaller, like a leaking balloon. After just a few seconds of shrinking it was gone.
I looked around to see if there was anyone else around that might have seen it and there was an old guy fishing about a hundred yard up the river. I went up to him but he hadn't noticed anything. If it wasn't for my double shadow I wouldn't have noticed it either. That thing was almost as bright as the sun.

    - Posted by Henry

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Submitted by: Henry

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