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Water UFO Sighting from Anderson, South Carolina 2015

I have seen a strange light shooting out of Lake Hartwell a bit south from where the bridge crosses the lake west of Anderson, the second bridge as you come from Anderson. You can see the light looking south from the bridge. Only in winter and only late at night, between 11pm and 3 am.
I discovered this light 5 years ago and it's been going on ever since. I don't know how long it has been going on before that. I've tried to take pictures or video of the light but it's too fast
    and there's no way of knowing when exactly it will show up.
The light is not very bright, about as bright as a full moon, but it's big, as big as a car. It
shoots up straight into the sky like a rocket.
Why am I the only one who seems to know about this? I know there's not a lot of people around when it happens but there's no way to not see it if you're there.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

That's the Lake Hartwell light? Everyone knows about it but you won't find any official info on it or anything in the media except for independent sources like this site for example. Everyone has a different theory on what the light is.
    - comment by Bob


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