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Lights UFO Sighting from Westville, Oklahoma September 2015

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My sighting happened the first night of the ''Blood Moon'' in September 2015. I live about 4 miles out from Westville in a dark pine/cedar forest, but there are clearings around my property and pastures. I was outside about 11 p. M. Checking to see why my two dogs were barking. They were barking because the neighbor's dogs were barking as their owners drove to their house.

Then I glanced straight up and slightly north and saw a group of six bright stars I think may be
    a constellation of some sort. It was then I noticed one ''star'' blinking off and on. Then it suddenly flashed very bright and stayed bright for about five seconds.
I've never seen a star do that before.

It went dark, then after about a minute it reappeared with the brightness of a normal star. Then about 3 minutes later it started blinking off and on again. Then it flashed very bright again. It kept doing this sequence for about ten minutes without ever moving.

When a jetliner crossed the sky in that area, the light went dark. When the jet passed on and out of sight, the light began its blinking again---and its bright flash. It all ended
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