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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Bremerton, Washington 1980

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In 1980 I was living in Bremerton for a short time while temporarily employed there and I saw the most amazing thing one evening as I was returning back from work. I had parked my car and as I got out of the car I noticed a large cigar shaped object in the sky, just maybe 100 feet up, really low. It was the size of a bus and had what looked like windows.
I knew instantly that this was a UFO, I mean what else could it have been? The UFO was just sitting still in the sky and
    I could see that some of the windows were flickering slightly as if there was movement inside. There were about 10 windows in all from my angle, I'm assuming there
were another 10 on the other side.
After a while the UFO suddenly started moving away very fast and it was gone within a couple of seconds. It was late at night and I might have been the only one who saw it even though it is a densely populated area. I will never forget it.

    - Posted by Thomas

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I was just sitting and talking with my mother about aliens and ufo's. She was telling is about when she was a kid at night she was walking home with her friends and saw exactly what you described: a UFO that was just sitting still low over the ground.
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