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High Altitude UFO Sighting from Airplane October 17 2015

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I was on a late night flight last night. I looked out the window and noticed this bright object with two small overhead lights accompanying it flying alongside the plane. It would sometimes pass the plane and sometimes slow down a bit but in general keep up with it. I took a picture with my phone and I am posting that here. After a short while the object sped up and left us behind.
I'd rather not give the details of the flight since I actually work for the airline and I could
    get in trouble. I hope the picture will be useful for UFO researchers.

    - Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

That's a really amazing picture. A little bit blurry. If you could elaborate a bit more of what it looked like to the naked eye... It looks a little bit like it has a couple of small outcrops on the top, one on each side, is that correct? You're doing the right thing keeping this from your employer, if they find out you reported a UFO they'll have you fired.
    - comment by Harold

When it sped up how fast did it go? Where was this exactly? Can someone figure out what airline this was based on the color markings of the wingtip? I don't recognize the color scheme but maybe someone does?
    - comment by K

You should disclose all information you have on this UFO to the public. There have been many sightings of glowing discs recently and this could be one of them. If they're following planes around it proves that they are controlled by intelligent beings and not some type of natural atmospheric phenomenon.
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Submitted by: anonymous

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