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Abduction UFO Sighting from Winter Haven, Florida 1970

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I've lived here my whole life and this town used to be smaller. When I was a kid we lived on the outskirts of town but that area is now in the city. The house I grew up in was right by a small lake, then house is gone now, they built some new houses there but the lake is still there.
When I was a child aliens used to come out of the lake and abduct me and my little sister. I know how this sounds, I've been told by everyone I'm crazy. My parents sent me to all kinds of psychologists
    when I was a child. The only place I've been taken seriously is on these kinds of websites where other people have had experiences like mine, or other strange experiences.
learned from my experiences not to judge other people with seemingly crazy stories.
What would happen was that sometimes I would awaken in the middle of the night unable to move. I'd be able to move my eyes and I could see I was in a strange place laying flat on a table and my sister was laying flat on another table next to mine but she'd be unconscious.
There were creatures in the room that weren't human. They were shorter than me even though I was a child. They had very
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