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Landing UFO Sighting from Sylmar, California 1995

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In 1995 I was up in the mountains north of Sylmar on an overnight hike. Overnight camping wasn't actually allowed in that area so I kept lighting to a minimum to avoid detection, definitely no fire or lanterns. That was probably a good thing because of what happened next.
I was about to go to sleep when I noticed a light in the sky growing bigger and bigger. It got really big and it turned out to be a disc shaped UFO coming closer and closer. As it got close I could hear
    that it made a slight hissing sound. It landed about 50 yards away from where I was. I didn't have a tent just a sleeping bag so I was not very visible and they
must not have noticed me. I hid behind a bush just in case and I observed the UFO from there.
It was approximately 20 feet across and was very smooth looking with no real features at all. It stood there on the ground for five minutes and then it took off to the sky again. I don't know why it landed like that, maybe they decided it wasn't a good spot and continued to search for another spot, or maybe they just took some readings of the air and left.
I was hoping to see some
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