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Shape UFO Sighting from Arlington Heights, Illinois October 30 2015

Yesterday I saw this very unusal object in the sky behind my backyard. I took this picture the moment I saw it and then I switched to skype to show my husband who was out of town. After I took the picture the object started moving sideways and rotated slightly. Then it just shot straight up into the sky with a hissing sound.
I don't know if it was a UFO or what but I'm sure it wasn't anything normal.

    - Posted by Jessica

    Comments and Replies:

That could be a UFO of course but it could also be something paranormal. It looks almost like the shape of a person.
    - comment by Eva

Maybe it's both?
    - comment by Frank

Wow! That's a strange object. I agree it looks paranormal. I drove by the cemetery the other night and saw something similar to this shape but had glowing blue light.
    - comment by Penny


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Submitted by: Jessica

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