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Landing UFO Sighting from Richmond, California October 30 2015

I was hiking the hills east of Richmond a few days ago and I saw what I thought was a car on the trail way up ahead of me. How on earth did a car get up here I thought, it's a narrow trail and it would be very difficult for a car to get there. It didn't look like a 4by4, just like a civic or something.
I kept walking towards it and the closer I got the less it looked like a car, more like a donut with windows and no hole in the middle, like a fat bubble shaped thing with windows.
    the thing lifted off the ground like a helicopter would, except it was quiet like a mouse. It kept going up and up until I couldn't see it any more. I walked up
to where it had been to see if there was anything unusual about the spot but nothing.
The coordinates of this are 37.952664, -122.295775 in case anyone wants to go and investigate.

    - Posted by Charles

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I went up to the exact spot yesterday to check it out. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary but I took some soil samples. I'm going to see if I can find someone to test them for chemicals and radiation.
    - comment by Ted


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