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Circular Object UFO Sighting from Hamilton, Missouri October 1974

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This UFO sighting occurred in October 1974 east of Hamilton, MO on the highway going to Chillicothe, MO. I was about 19 years old, and my mom was with me that night. We had driven to Kansas City and were returning to Chillicothe at night (about 8 pm. ) When we passed Hamilton and went a few miles we saw about seven vehicles parked on either side of the highway with some people out of their cars and looking on the north side pasture from the highway. We slowed down and looked too. We
    saw a large dark circle hovering over a cow-pasture. Stars were visible, but none were where the circle hovered, so we reasoned that something was there in the

It seemed to be elevated about 70 ft. above the pasture. In the bottom-center of this craft was a circle of orange light shining downward onto the pasture. As we watched it, we both had the strangest feeling of realization that this could be from another world or dimension. A few trucks came along the highway then and stopped to watch too. Other spectators were talking amongst themselves further along the highway. We continued to watch the craft's bottom-center light (about
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