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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina November 10 2015

I just saw the most amazing thing less than an hour ago, at 1:30 am to be exact. I couldn't find my dog so I went out in the yard to see if he was there and I heard a humming buzzing kinda sound above me. I looked up and there was this big dark thing blocking out the sky behind it, like a big black shield. It seemed kinda round but I couldn't actually see the shape just the darkness where it was blocking the sky above it.
I stared in awe for a few seconds and then it started
    slowly moving away gently like a breeze and disappeared over the rooftops and trees. If anyone else saw this please post a comment.

Posted by Kenny

Comments and Replies:

I think that thing you saw might have been one of those discs that have been spotted everywhere just with it's lights off. Why the bright lights anyway?
    - comment by Abdul


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