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Disc UFO Sighting from Manila, Philippines November 11 2015

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UFO outside my window. I live on the 28th floor, very high up and there are only 3 more floors above mine. I have a very good view from my window and tonight when I looked out this was there in the sky. I hurried and took a picture and then I closed the window and kept looking from behind the curtain.
The UFO slowly went around the building and when it went around the corner I couldn't see it any more. I ran out in the hall to the elevators where there are windows to the back
    to see if I could see it from there but it wasn't there. Then I ran up to the roof to see if I could see it but it wasn't there any more. This all happened at 2
in the morning and everyone seems to have been asleep.
I asked some of my neighbors this morning if they had seen the UFO but nobody had. It was absolutely silent so you wouldn't notice it unless you looked at it. It looks brighter in the picture than it was, I think because of my phone settings. It made as much light as a streetlight so no one would have had any kind of blinding light waking them up.
Tonight I'm going to put my laptop in the window with the webcam on to record
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Submitted by: Marily

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