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Lights UFO Sighting from Carson, California November 12 2015

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Ever since the UFO a few days ago I have been out watching the skies in case they came back. Well last night after 4 nights of watching I saw a string of 4 lights moving in a very orderly row very high up. At one point they suddenly stopped and the light in the back started moving around on its own for a few seconds.
It went around on loops and left and right. Then it went back to its position in the back of the row and the lights started moving again. I took video of it
    with my phone but it was just too faint to get any decent video of, you can't see anything. I would never have seen this if I hadn't been sitting out there in the
yard watching the sky. I'm gonna keep watching. There are UFOs out there.

    - Posted by Rudy

Comments and Replies:

I've been watching the skies this week too. Haven't seen anything yet but I'm staying out until I do.
    - comment by Joe

Haven't heard about the string of lights until now but I've heard about a lot of other UFOs. Everyone in Socal and their grandma is out watching for aliens right now.
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