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Landing UFO Sighting from Clovis, California 1991

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In the spring of 1991 I was driving down from the mountains on 168 very early in the morning, must have been about 4 am and about 10 miles before rolling into Clovis my car suddenly started pulling to the side of the road. I slammed on my brakes to avoid running off the road. After I had stopped I noticed something really strange. The lights from my headlights seemed to curve to the side instead of going straight like lights normally do.
Then I noticed this really bright object
    behind the trees in the direction that my lights were curving. I decided to go and check it out. It was about a bit in and I had to climb over some barbed wire
to get to it. When I got a clear view of it I could see that it was actually two separate objects. Both were shaped like discs and about a few feet across. One was near the ground and the other was a few feet up in the air. Between them was a set of light beams that moved around between the two objects.
I looked at this thing whatever it was for a couple of seconds and then suddenly it just turned off. When this happened I got really scared and ran back to my car. I thought
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