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Lights UFO Sighting from Warwick, Rhode Island November 18 2015

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These two lights were moving around in the sky randomly last night. I'm sure there were many people who saw it. It went on for about half a minute at about 10:40pm. The one on top was moving a lot and the one on the bottom was moving less and slower. After half a minute they both suddenly disappeared like if the lights were switched off. It was really weird.

    - Posted by Spencer
Comments and Replies:

I saw those lights too. I must be near you because the lights didn't seem very high up and I don't think they could be seen in a very large radius, maybe a quarter mile or even less. They didn't seem very controlled, like you said their movements were very random.
    - comment by Jeffrey

My daughter saw those lights. She took video of it and showed me. You can see the smaller light on top moving around fast and the bigger one below kind of follows it around but in smaller motions and slower.
And then they just suddenly disappear. My daughter said she's going to upload the video but I don't know if she's done it yet.
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Submitted by: Spencer

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