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Lights UFO Sighting from San Pedro, California November 07 2015

I work in one of many businesses here in San Pedro, CA. My office is on the 500 block of W. 9th Street. I actually witnessed the strange glowing light that people have been seeing. I was working late one night, and as I was walking out to the parking lot with my co-worker, we both saw a greenish blue streak of light flashed through the night sky.
It was moving quite slowly across the sky. It didn't looking like a shooting star or fireworks though. This thing was moving and
    disappearing into the darkness, so we believe it couldn't have been an airplane because the light should have just gone like that and we didn't hear any sound of
That meant it couldn't have been the light from fireworks either. Cool experience.

    - Posted by Petra

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Are you talking about the sighting everyone saw last week or is this a different one?
    - comment by David


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