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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Palm Bay, Florida November 20 2015

I caught this picture yesterday of a number of dark objects that were moving around in the sky in a really strange way. They would all move erratically for a few seconds and then stand absolutely still for a few seconds, and then they would move again and so on. After a few cycles of this behavior they simply vanished and were gone without a trace.
The picture doesn't look like much but I'm thinking maybe someone else who saw it got some better pictures or video.

    - Posted by Jovie

Comments and Replies:

I think it's an amazing picture. I think the dark objects are UFOs, I mean what else could they be?
    - comment by Sheila

We live here in Palm Bay too. My sister was calling out to come look at some strange thing in the sky, but I unfortunately missed them. She described them as small dotted black flying objects just like the picture you captured. Where exactly in Palm Bay did you take this picture?
    - comment by Pam


click for bigger picture
Submitted by: Jovie

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