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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Mexico City, Mexico November 29 2015

This very bright object was appearing yesterday in the evening approximately 11 o'clock. It was flying in very fast from the north, it was so fast I thought it was a jet aeroplane. The suddenly it stopped in zero seconds. From going very fast it stood still suddenly and that is when I took this picture of it.
It stood still for only approximately 3 seconds and then it suddenly was going just as fast as before. It was incredible the way it accelerated. From zero to 1000
    kilometers per hour in zero seconds, instantly, and the same with the stopping earlier.
And when it stood still... even more incredible. Look at the picture!
It's incredible.
I was looking on websites if there was anyone who had seen the same but there is no one else. Only I saw it and only I have a picture. Maybe someone else saw it but they didn't tell any websites.

    - Posted by Juan

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I saw something like that last year. Almost like it just appeared but it seemed to have some kind of vector to it, and then disappeared again in the same fashion. Very strange.
    - comment by Carl


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Submitted by: Juan

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