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Lights UFO Sighting from Gallatin, Tennessee 1995

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Back in 1995 while living in Gallatin, TN. I had a very strange experience with what I could only perceive as a UFO. TN was still experiencing winter weather at the time of this incident. In fact it ended up being one of the worst winters logged in 1995.
Very late in the evening close to 2 am my spouse and I were sleeping. The house we lived in had 3 floors to it.. a basement, middle area, and the top floor, and was situated right on Old Hickory Lake. We were staying on
    the top floor that evening..
The power had gone out due to the heavy snow and ice storms in the area. I can remember suddenly being woken up by a bright light
outside our sliding glass door. I climbed out of bed.. Slid open the sliding glass door to find out where the light was coming from.

At first I thought there was a boat on the lake. It wasn't unusual to see small boats riding up and down the channel at night to catch fish.. But something unusual struck me? .. The lake was partly frozen over due to the cold weather..
The light bleached out everything in what appeared to be a 2mile radius.. Why would a boat be on the lake at
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